(with support from the Department of Culture, Leipzig)

The project "Open Wall“ is an open invitation to walls in public space. We invite you to submit your concepts. These will be awarded in a competion of your ideas.

The works submitted shall be of every possible form of presentation; such as, drawing and painting, photography, music, performance / performance art, video installation, graffiti etc.

Submissions to the “0pen Wall 2010” will be accepted from 27.08.2010 until 20.10.2010

All submitted designs will judged by an expert jury with the winning concept being presented to the public at Westpaket (arts and culture street festival) in December 2010. All submissions to „Open Wall“ 2010 will be put on a permanent digital archive on our website. Because we are interested in bringing this ideas over the year to the public space of Leipzig.

Like last year, to target the involvement of our guests, we will thematically combine the open invitation for submissions with our exhibition program and aim towards working beyond.

Our goal with the project “Open Wall” is to provide every artist the opportunity to be given free access to rooms for art, culture and creativity. At the same time, we would also like to enlighten the public to licensing regulations while also addressing new ways of dealing with the nature of “digital” copyright.


IBUg Performance Meerane





gefördert vom Kulturamt Leipzig

Bei dem Projekt „Open Wall“ handelt es sich um die Ausschreibung einer 10 Meter x 6 Meter großen Wand, gebaut aus Ziegeln, in der essential existence gallery, kurz EEG.

Die freie unbearbeitete Wand wird zum Wettbewerb ausgeschrieben, an dem Ihr Euch mit Euren Ideen bewerben könnt. Die Wandgestaltung in der EEG steht dabei stellvertretend für die Gestaltung von Wandflächen im öffentlichen Raum.

Es sollen Arbeiten zu jeder möglichen Form der Darst… [Weiterlesen]

open wall 2010 gallery


Einreichformular 2010